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Butchers Recovery & Revive Cans (18 Pack)

Butchers Recovery & Revive Cans (18 Pack)

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Our Recovery & Revive recipe is Vet Recommended and carefully created by our Nutritionist. It has exactly the right amount of supportive ingredients to rebalance gut bacteria and rebuild natural immune defences, helping your dog’s recovery.

  • This 100% complete & balanced recovery recipe is made with just chicken & rice making it easier to digest, while the white rice provides the quick release energy needed to boost you dog’s recovery.
  • The all-important beta glucans help to strengthen the natural immune system, prebiotic MOS & FOS support the growth of healthy gut bacteria and paraprobiotics help to rebalance intestinal flora and natural immune defences.
  • The texture of the Recovery & Revive recipe is designed to be softer to make it easier for your dog to eat. The perfect recipe to get your dog back on track.


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